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Lenin wants your lovin

lenin wants your lovin
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Walking around Leeds campus, you’ll always be sure to find posters for various left-wing groups and events. This one caught my attention because it was the first I’d ever seen to use humour. Of course, being an Alabama 3 fan makes the joke so much richer (but not in the financial sense, capitalist pig-dogs).


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Science building

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Taken while wandering around campus on Sunday. I guess this is what people thought the future would look like in the 1970s.

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A trip round the neighbourhood

What’s this? Another Moore Than This Photo Special to fill up space while Jim thinks of something to write about? Indeed it is!

While posting here has been very light as of late, I’ve been settling back into life at Leeds. My new housemates are a nice bunch, which is rather lucky considering I met them through a notice on a student housing website. I count myself lucky at having ended up in a big, comfortable room in a house with some fun people which is very close to campus. Anyway, settling in is all well and good, but it didn’t give me many entertaining things to write about, and my work schedule means I can’t comment on every bit of news I find interesting. Still, this weekend I had a bit of free time and managed to take my camera for a walk round Hyde Park (where I live) and the university area. Click each photo for full-size version.

my crib
My house, aka the Lair of Moore. A place where anything can happen, and probably already has.

royal park road
The view down Royal Park Road, looking toward the local mosque.

hyde park 003
Hyde park, in all its glory.

peel statue
The statue of Robert Peel, temporarily vandalised turned into a memorial for John Peel when he died during my first year.

at some point in this conversation you will lie
A bit of philosophical graffitti, found on a park bench.

parkinson building
And finally, the Parkinson Building, main entrance to Leeds University.

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Back in the game

trinity library
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My trusty old Fuji Finepix F410, which I used to snap a near-obsessive amount of photos in Japan, stopped working the day I returned to the U.K. Sad as this was, it was the perfect excuse to get a new camera. So I picked up a Canon EOS 350D, with some money from my first paycheck. I’d seen it in Japan and liked the look of it, but over there it was called the Digital Kiss – a rather naff-sounding name for what is a fine bit of kit. Although I’m new to SLR photography, it’s been very cool playing with all the new features. And of course, Cambridge in the summer just begs to be photographed. Taking pictures of the college buildings, from a punt, on a warm sunny evening, is one of life’s finer pleasures.

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Other people’s photos

I’ve been in the middle of a photo drought for some time – I just don’t have the inclination to take pictures at the moment. It could be because I’m preparing to buy a whizzy new digitial camera. Anyway, in the meantime you can see these pictures from Of Rice and Zen. In fact, take a look at the whole blog – the guy is a damn good photographer, and a hilarious writer. See this caption on his picture of Japanese toilet instructions:

Do you realise what it looks like when you go into a toilet stall, turn on a digital camera and start flashing away in the middle of tourist season in the WORLD FAMOUS Sanjusangendo Temple? Yes, you’re right. It does look like taking pictures of your cock at home like a normal bloke is not enough for you, and that you need the extra thrill of travelling around the world to do it in crowded tourist locations.

Ladies and gentlemen, a big hand. This man has done much to entertain us.

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A watch blog?

Amazingly enough, I was actually up early the day after the graduation ceremony, to go to Kyoto with some friends. There’s a flea market held in the grounds of Toji temple on the 21st of every month, which I’d assiduoudly failed to go to for several months running. Last Sunday I broke the habit and went. In between hunting for presents for people back home, I managed to pick up a new watch.

my new watch
As if anyone ever doubted how much I love Boss coffee.

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Long weekend post

Went on a trip to Kyoto on Sunday with the Kansai Gaidai Photography Club. If you know the scene in Help! where the Beatles get off the plane with cameras and snap pictures of each other non-stop, it was like that at times as we turned our cameras on each other. Most of the time though we had nice scenery around Higashiyama to shoot. We wandered through the old streets and ended up at Kiyomizu-dera temple. It was odd to think that the last time I’d been up there was in my first week here. Things seemed to have gone full-circle.

Going out with the Photography Club gave me an insight into a bit of Japanese culture that I’ve (sadly) not experienced much of – socialising in organised groups. In the evening we headed back to Hirakata for a big welcome party (The Japanese students’ academic year started recently). After lots of organised toasts, we sat down and proceeded to eat and drink a lot. A lot. I was not the freshest person when I left Sem House 4 the following morning to join a field trip to the Osaka courthouse.

What could make my hangover worse, you could well ask. How about one of those ultra-nationalist sound trucks that scream far-right rants through their loudspeakers at amazingly loud volumes? Coming right up! This one was quite small by their usual standards (manned by one man with a microphone and a big grudge), but easily the loudest one I’ve encountered so far.

Court proceedings were very hard to understand – I only got a few words here and there, and probably wouldn’t have done any better if I’d been running at full (non-hungover) power. Fortunately, someone with us was very good at Japanese and managed to give us a precis of the case. The Japanese court system is inquisitorial rather than adverserial as in Britain and the U.S., so the judges take a more active role in the case.

I probably would have enjoyed it if I hadn’t been a) hungover, and b) trapped with some of the most annoying students ever. The “I don’t care” girl was in my group, and was whining about how we couldn’t get into the big murder trial downstairs, because it was full and they were issuing tickets to allow people in. Apparently it hadn’t crossed her mind that you don’t have consumer rights when you’re watching a trial.

The trip was organised by the professor who teaches our International Negotiation class, and afterwards he took us to an underground food court in one of the big department stores. I love these places, because they have lovely-looking food, but everything’s far too expensive for me. Our professor then took us to a couple of bars, fetching up in a nice establishment with a good atmosphere and a selection of beers from all over the world. By that time there was only a small group, and we got talking to two Japanese girls and a fellow Brit who was travelling around the world. We also ended up doing purikura. These are photobooths where you take photos of you and your friends, customise them and print them out on little strips, a very popular pastime for teenage girls in Japan. We look slightly the worse for wear in all our pictures, and my cheeky grin is definitely cause for concern.

It was a fun night – just like the photography club social the night before, I met some cool people, and did more chatting in Japanese than I have for a long time. It comes back to something I wrote back in September (full-circle again, see?) about language for me being worth it when I get to use it outside the classroom. I will honestly say that the Japanese conversations I’ve had over the past couple of days have been more useful for me than learning about the Accusative-Passive in our duller-than-dull Spoken Japanese lesson today. Having been out drinking two nights in a row, I was too tired to seem interested. From here on out, a relaxed Golden Week looks more and more appealing.

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