Linkage: 7/3/11

The Most Famous Brain In The World” (via This Isn’t Happiness).

The Vidoq Society: an association of police and forensic specialists who meet regularly to work on unsolved crimes.

Jim Holt in the London Review of Books on Carr’s The Shallows and what the Internet is actually doing to our brains.

Former Daily Star reporter sends proprietor Richard Desmond a letter detailing regularly fabricated stories and the paper’s consistent line of anti-Muslim bigotry. Quote: “I see a cascade of shit pirouetting from your penthouse office, caking each layer of management, splattering all in between.”

Former head of MI6 Richard Dearlove surreptitiously filmed taking about Wikileaks and the Middle East.

Vanity Fair on the Stuxnet virus and cyber-warfare.

Ahead of the March 26th March For The Alternative, George Monbiot outlines what he thinks the alternative should be.

And after all that heavy stuff, some pop culture: The Comics Journal plays host to Amy Poodle holding forth on Grant Morrison’s comics masterpiece The Invisibles.


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