Tom Waits for no man (easiest joke ever)

Watching TV last night, I noticed that the BBC has developed an admirable liking for Tom Waits. Some discerning music supervisor had chosen his bar-room blues number “Walk Away” to soundtrack the end credits of Louis Theroux’s horrifying-yet-fascinating documentary about life in San Quentin prison. And immediately afterwards, I was treated to yet more Waits, with “Lullaby” playing over various shots of Mark Warren looking gloomy and intense in a trailer for gruesome serial-killer drama Messiah. Some thoughts:

1) I can’t believe they’re still making Messiah. I can remember being an extra in a scene from the second series years ago, and when I saw the finished product on TV, even at a young age it seemed pretty hokey and borderline-nonsensical. (Edit: Apparently this new series is the fifth. I’m not expecting a masterpiece.)

2) Is there any TV drama that Marc Warren isn’t in these days?

3) Oh yeah – “Walk Away” is on Waits’ 2006 collection Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards, and “Lullaby” is on 2001’s Blood Money. Both albums well worth buying.


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