Cambridge gets typical mention in the press

…As a home of freaks and weirdos, of course! Grauniad blogger Abby O’Reilly, writing about being accosted by men in the street, gives us a heartwarming story:

Sometimes it’s humorous, not threatening, and the perpetrator elicits a certain amount of pity. Once when sat on a bench in Cambridge a man cycled up next to me, while impressively holding a can of Carling and a cigarette. He sat beside me. “I had to stop darling, you caught my eye.” I felt like I was on the set of some badly-made-for-TV romantic comedy. He then proceeded to tell me how much he liked “big women” and asked if he could take a picture of me using his camera phone. I refused. He had a strong Cambridgeshire accent, and noticing the lilt and intonation of my own Welsh lull continued: “You sound clever for a Welsh girl. People keep telling me I’m a cockney, but I tell ’em, I’ve never been to Cornwall in my life.”

It’s the riding a bike with a beer can and a cigarette that gets me. Them’s the kind of skills you can only get in my town.


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