The new best Christmas song ever?

Amid all the furore about “Fairytale of New York” being censored on Radio 1, it’s worth mentioning that The Pogues’ seasonal classic has long been a decent stand-by for those of us who loathe Wham, can’t stand Slade, and think that Wizzard should function as a warning from history. Yes, for the unseasonal trendy who dislikes Christmas pop songs with a passion, “Fairytale” has been the Christmas song it’s OK to like. Since its release, however, there have been previous few other contenders for the post. But now, The Killers have stepped forward to save the day with their new single, “Don’t Shoot Me Santa.” 

This bizarre but brilliant rock’n’roll number is made even more hilarious with the insane video, which is less It’s A Wonderful Life and more Natural Born Killers. Frontman Brandon Flowers is tied up with tinsel, held hostage by a desert-dwelling, redneck psycho Santa who spends most of the video digging Flowers’ grave. (Maybe the intended execution is punishment for inflicting the turd that was “Sam’s Town” on the listening public.) Add in Arrested Development-style cutaways, terrible Christmas jumpers and puppet theatre, and you have the kind of spectacle that would usually be a nightmare induced by seasonal overindulgence.

Save Christmas from rubbish pop songs and enjoy this inspired lunacy. Also, further satisfy your bad Santa needs and feed your inner miserablist simultaneously with Malcolm Middleton’s “We’re All Going To Die.”



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2 responses to “The new best Christmas song ever?

  1. Indeed it is a fine tune, which is far better than The Darkness’s spoof xmas effort of four (four!!!) years ago. Or was it three?
    Shame The Killers are currently languishing at no. 34 😦

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Hydra.

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