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In preparation for writing the big assessed essay for my Japan’s International Relations module, I’ve spent the afternoon in the library, looking over scholarly journals on East Asian affairs for articles I can use. I have to say, the people who write these articles ought to make an effort to jazz up their writing. They are aiming for readership after all. Any publication that can switch its layout to day-glo covers and splash headlines about “Kim Jong-Il’s HOT HOT HOT new hairstyle” and “Japanese PM Shinzo Abe in boozy after-hours press conference” stands to capture a substantial share of the market.

Jim Moore is a publishing industry professional. Honest.


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Long absence report

After my last post, the various deadlines at the end of term began to pile up so I didn’t have to write anything. A few things happened in the interim though: a trip down to Leicester to see my mate Ed before he set to study in Germany, a conference at Leeds on East Asian relations where I listened to some very interesting discussions, catching up on the first series of the truly excellent TV show The Wire, and going to London to see the Hogarth exhibition at Tate Modern. The Easter holiday is going to end on a high note, as we set off for New York tomorrow. I’ll be back by next week, hopefully with enough photos to send my Flickr stream into overload.

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