Politics and Alcohol

True story: on Friday I was standing in my friend Ed’s garden, hungover, watching him throw up a hastily consumed Pot Noodle (and noticing that, disgustingly, it looked the same coming out as it going in). On Saturday, almost exactly twenty four hours later, I was at a conference on East Asian relations in Leeds, listening to some very complex presentation on aspects of regionalism in East Asia. Yep, this is my life: a series of events so bizarre I’ve basically given up on any causal relation.

I went to Leicester to attend Ed’s goodbye party, before he goes to Germany to study for a term. A few drinks in the union bar, and then a long walk to a club in the city, we rocked out to various rock’n’roll hits from the 60s. After the antics of Thursday night, the Friday was pretty sedate, mostly spent at Ed’s house chilling out (and watching him fight a losing battle with instant noodle snacks). The day after, I was back at Leeds for the conference, which featured a few lecurers from my department, as well as visiting experts. The whole thing was very interesting, and finished off with a good question-and-answer session which prompted some fairly in-depth discussion among the guests. I hope I get another weekend combining intellectualism and inebriation soon enough.


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One response to “Politics and Alcohol

  1. Bobby Beausoleil

    Haha. The hilariousness of this post lies not where you believe it to be; but rather in the fact that your “bizarre” lifestyle is that of perhaps every other UK undergraduate. Pretty dull. Must try harder, boy!

    Had you slipped out of your seminar, done some MDMA with a couple of hookers, then snuck back in with a distinct, um, ‘air’ about you, you might have gained a little kudos…

    Go and read ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and report back…

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