The Sun Says: Racism bad this week

Anyone with half an eye on the UK press over the last week or two will have noticed that all national tabloids have been markedly loud in their condemnation of racism. All it took was the juxtaposition of someone as beautiful as Shilpa with someone as unappealing as Jade.

While the media reaction is on the whole a good thing, you have to question their motivations. The most violent condemnations of Jade come from the Sun, a paper that not only reports avidly on every run of Big Brother and arguably helped launch Jade’s celebrity career with their coverage, but has been known to cast slurs on entire communities and make stuff up when it suits their agenda of demonising a given group. The coverage, as well as having in some cases a ugly undertone of classism, gives the impression that The Scum and others are having their cake and eating it.

To sum up in a simple way what I was trying to express in my original post, the question is what is more offensive:

1) Someone who has achieved public recognition from being stupid and loutish while appearing on television, again behaving in a stupid and loutish fashion on television, or:

2) The confluence of business and media interests that work together to ensure people like the example of 1) are kept in the public eye and their path to fame seen as something to emulate.

I, personally, go for the latter.


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