Welcome to the Working Week

Rather unexpectedly, I have landed myself a job this summer. Thanks to a friend who had worked at a language school last summer, I got a three-week contract as an “Activity Organiser” which means I help out with the students when they’re not in lessons. As jobs go, it seems pretty good. This afternoon I took a bunch of foreign kids on walking tour around Cambridge. The numbers of my party fluctuated wildly from 20 to 25 to 17, but all made it back in the end. It felt like being the Pied Piper for the day, but without the disturbing overtones of child-snatching. Despite the post title (have to get the Elvis Costello reference in there somewhere) this really doesn’t feel like work, it feels like having fun. Maybe that feeling will change when I get paid.

(N.B. In the best traditions of workplace blogging, I’ll be keeping the name and location of the outfit I work for a secret, out of respect to my employers. Although in three weeks I doubt if I can do, let alone blog about something that could get me sacked, it’s best to be on the safe side.)


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