"Maybe I can fill the void with lots of urgent calls…"

The past fortnight has been a real drag. I’ve been working loads, but with precious little sense of achievement. Most of the work/revision is for weekly lesson tests in my Japanese classes, which I usually only see coming about two days in advance. So I’m revising like mad for these, and when I have a few clear days I just crash and spend my free time either sleeping, on the Internet or watching Scrubs (Season 3 DVD). This lack of direction is eating into my other classes. I submitted my project proposal for Issues in Contemporary Japanese Society and Culture this week, and got it back today with “OK” and a few other scrawls from my teacher across it. I don’t know where I’m going to go from here with it. I have no conception of working towards something, or what my future goals might be. I honestly can’t think of anything I want to do beyond passing this year. And then getting back to Leeds. And … then what?

I just feel adrift at the moment. Adrift in work, in personal relations, in my plans for the future. Although the quote from the mighty Peep Show that titles this post shows that at least I still have my cynicism.

N.B. The Frank Ellis controversy is still rumbling on. My first post on it was written kind of in the heat of the moment, and my opinions are still pretty fluid. Inspired by the Mohammed cartoons, David Irving’s Austrian prison sentence, and other events in the news, I’m trying to write a longer, more considered post on freedom of speech, which will hopefully be up soon.



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3 responses to “"Maybe I can fill the void with lots of urgent calls…"

  1. adamu

    What’s your topic for Society and Culture?

    Despondency over the future of a Japanese language degree (is that your major?) is understandable. It’s like the guy from “Chase Me Ladies, I’m in the Cavalry” says: a degree in the social sciences makes you about as employable as someone with a facial tattoo.

  2. Jim

    The Korean community in Japan, probably focused on the market around Tsuruhashi station in Osaka. And my degree is actually a double-major: Japanese language with English literature, which is even worse.

  3. Anonymous

    Listen to some elder wisdom. Having to wonder how to fill the void of a looming future is better than looking back and wondering if your past is a complete void. A

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