Solar flare

solar flare
Originally uploaded by moorethanthis.

Took this photo today on campus. Sitting down on a row of steps, organised into stairs for a kind of colloseum effect around a circular stage. The huge disc acts as a shade over it, to keep the sun and rain off. I think it’s a nice effect when the sun shines through the panels and dapples the stairs. I never usually bother to take photos of the things I see everyday, but I think photography is starting to turn into a hobby for me, with Flickr as an impetus. I’d like a better-quality camera in future, but for now it’s good to know I can take decent “arty” photos with an average point-and-shoot digital number.



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2 responses to “Solar flare

  1. Matt

    Surely “solar flair”?

    Hope all’s well-matt

  2. Fancyclown

    Ta for your knowledge on China in the comments, interesting.

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