(Almost) everything is brilliant in Leeds

This week I took a trip up to Leeds to see my old flatmates. I’m glad I actually thought of it, as I’ve missed the place since I left this summer. It hadn’t changed that much, and neither have the people. They now live in a big old house up near Hyde Park, and for the most part seemed pleased to see me. I was led off on a tour of the surrounding area, then on a trip to buy booze at an off-license located just opposite the local mosque. Then we sat around in the front room drinking and watching the finale of Lost. What a great show. My enjoyment was slightly marred when a female I lived with last year stated screaming and crying over the unfortunate fate of an attractive male character. To detract from the annoying sound of her voice, I started drunkenly rambling about how every character from Lost was working in a different pub in Leeds, and the change they gave me for my drinks formed the enigmatic sequence of numbers that hold so much significance in the series … looking back, it was kind of odd.

The following evening, we went out to a stand-up comedy night at a nearby pub. It was good fun, but with the slight wrinkle that the headline act was someone who I’d seen opening the last comedy night I’d gone to. Back then, he had got so few laughs he was reduced to snapping, “There’s jokes in there if you look” at the audience. He was as unfunny as ever, but people laughed more this time. The rise of mediocrity continues apace.

I’d come up on the coach, and thought that I had time to catch the 1 o’clock from Leeds the day after. It still struck me as a great plan when we carried on drinking after the gig and finally left the pub at about 2am, leaving me to stay up until 4 in the morning playing on the house PS2. As it was, I dashed out of the house and speed-walked down to the bus stop, just making my coach. The ride was six-and-a-half-hours long, and made me wonder why I didn’t pack the anti-DVT socks I’d taken on my flight to Japan. Still, National Express at least cultivates an interesting clientele. A guy sitting a couple of seats behind me was setting up a drug deal on his mobile. Why this doesn’t happen on the train I don’t know, but for its failings, rail travel just seems more wholesome.


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