A fortnight to go

This is a little reminder, to myself I guess, that I have two weeks until I go to Japan. My study year abroad being the reason I started this blog in the first place, I thought it deserved at least one mention before I got on the plane. It still hasn’t really hit home yet, although when it does, it’s usually at night when I’m trying to sleep. Having worried over it for most of this year, I suddenly changed my tune when (strangely enough) an opportunity was offered to stay back in the UK. An odd way to act, I know, but I’ve found I often work better when I’ve got something to prove. I started seeing it not as an endurance test but as an experience, which would be some good and some bad, not one or the other. Life as a whole is of course like that, but when you have digital TV, you often forget that life shouldn’t entertain you every minute.

[EDIT] At the pub last night, having a few drinks with some old friends from secondary school, someone asked me if I was prepared on the language front. My answer: “Hell no! But since it’s best to put on a brave face, I guess I should just say Hell Yes!” I believe that sums up my feelings at this time.


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